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The Aviary

...a house of crows...

25 November 1982
Hi! I'm Sara. I'm a geek, a slasher, a heathen, an asexual, a library employee, a singer, an occasional amateur linguist, a monster wannabe, and a corvidophile.

I'm also terribly shy so feel free to read my journal and comment away but be aware that I am not always good about replying promptly. Or at all. I will try to, though.

Welcome to the Aviary!
alan cumming, albert campion, anime, archie goodwin, artificial languages, aubrey/maturin, audiobooks, babylon 5, batman, batman: the animated series, battlestar galactica, black and white films, blake's 7, blake/avon, braca, brimstone, buffy, cardassians, christopher lee, common rotation, corvids, crows, cylons, dead zone, deep space 9, discworld, doctor who, doctor/master, dracula, due south, dwight frye, dystopia, dystopian sci-fi, edward hyde, elim garak, evil people in love, fanfic, fantasy, farscape, farscape slash, flying cars...of the future!, fraggles, frankenstein, fraser/kowalski, fraser/vecchio, g'kar, garak/bashir, geoffrey rush, giles/ethan, gormenghast, grima wormtounge, hard core logo, harry chapin, henry jekyll, herbert west, highlander, horror films, jack griffin, james whale, janus, jeffrey combs, jervis tetch, jesuits in space!, joe dick/billy tallent, joel cairo, kowalski/vecchio, language construction, leoben conoy, libraries, life on mars, loki, londo mollari, lord of the rings, marshwiggles, martians, monsters, muppets, narnia, nero wolfe, norse mythology, odin, patrick troughton, persephone, peter cushing, pez, pez dispensers, phantom of the opera, pocket fandoms, post-apocalyptic catholicism, post-apocalyptica, preacher, quantum leap, quark/dax, ray bradbury, re-animator, religion, renfield, renfield/dracula, robot girlfriends, rocky horror picture show, romanadvoratrelundar, runes, sandman, sapphire and steel, schooner fare, scorpius, scorpius/braca, shiny blue wormholes, shiny things, shran/archer, slash, space commander travis, stan rogers, star trek, stargate: atlantis, starman, string figures, sweeney todd, sylvester mccoy, tea, the dark tower, the headstones, the joker, the shade, tod browning, tom baker, used bookstores, v for vendetta, vampires, venusians, vertigo comics, vir cotto, warren/andrew, weyoun